BOM handling

For us, the handling of our customers BOM´s (Bill Of Materials) play a central role in our business model. We put non-disclosure and integrity in the highest regard when we receive the trust and confidence from our customers to support this handling and service.

We have more to tell, and are happy to do so in a personal meeting!

In essence, it is the following key parameters that have made an increasing numbers of customers to use our competence:

  • checkOur ability to present aggressive pricing from authorized sources.

  • checkOur ability to suggest cost savings and/or equivalents parts.

  • checkOur ability to identify and monitor excisting and future EOL (End Of Life) components.

  • checkOur ability to make our customers stock/needs visible to each other.

We have more to tell, and are happy to do so in a personal meeting!

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Product distribution

We distribute active, passive and electromechanical components from the most known brands as well as from our own line card and Texim Europe. (See Cooperation)

When it comes to distribution from authorized sources we always strive to find the regional differences in price and ability to deliver against scheduled orders or forecast. Our goal is always to find cost savings and shorter lead times.

  • checkAlways from authorized sources with focus on Asia, where the volumes put pressure on pricing.

  • checkEOL (End Of Life) and PCN (Product Change Notification) handling is a must.

For products from our own line card, we always keep a lookout for manufacturers that can contribute with quality parts at aggressive pricing and short lead times.

Our primary target is to be able to present cost effective alternatives to the manufacturers that today are present in our customer Bill Of Materials.