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Elsotec is one of the markets most experienced distributors of electronic components

Volume production


Elsotec AB

Elsotec is one of the markets most experienced distributors of electronic components. Together with Texim Europe we also provide solutions and products for all kinds of embedded applications.

Since many years we have built up long-term relationships with producers, distributors and collaborative partners throughout the world. Today we enjoy a solid reputation as one of most professional and secure operators in the industry.

We are a reliable partner through the whole process, from idea and prototyping, to supply chain management and aftermarket services.


It is as important to us that our customers are able to rely on the quality of their components as that they are available in the right quantity and at the right time. That’s why quality management is such a central aspect for us at Elsotec.


BOM handling

For us, the handling of our customers BOM´s (Bill Of Materials) play a central role in our business model. We put non-disclosure and integrity in the highest regard when we receive the trust and confidence from our customers to support this handling and service.

Product distribution

We distribute active, passive and electromechanical components from the most known brands as well as from our own line card and Texim Europe. (See Cooperation)


Elsotec & Texim

Since 2014, we have a partnership with Texim Europe, a highly skilled and professional distributor of products and services for embedded applications.

With a very strong line-up of brands for applications needing displays and touch, wireless, embedded computing products and power management, we are able to provide cost effective and reliable solutions.

Some examples: AAEON, GIADA, INNODISK, SIMCOM, SINTRONES, TELEGESIS. For more information, please visit www.texim-europe.com. Elsotec work actively as the extended sales force of Texim Europe, covering Scandinavia.